Overcoming Objections / Conflict Resolution


A customer, vendor or business partner objecting to our proposal or even giving us a flat ‘no’ can be really daunting. And it often leads to conflict because we simply don’t know how to respond in those situations – potentially making them even worse.

This 2.5 to 3-hour interactive seminar teaches a simple methodology to help our opposite number define their objections in actionable ways, and then help us respond in ways that move the conversation ahead constructively.

Specific topics include:

Warm up exercise​

Exercise 2 - Objectivity and Subjectivity​

Introduction to methodology​

Objection clarification introduction​

Exercise 3 - Role Play​

The Perspective Change

​Exercise 4 - Role Play​

Solving the Issue​

Exploring Further Objections​

Exercise 5 - Role Play​

Next Steps Planning​

Recap & Summary​