Listening Skills


Listening is one of the most overlooked of the so-called soft skills.

Whether in our business or personal lives, most of us aren’t really very good at listening – we spend a lot of the time actually constructing our counter-arguments in our minds vs. listening, causing us to miss important information. The resulting misunderstandings are at the root of many conflicts and missed opportunities in the business world.

This 2 to 2.5 hour interactive seminar is a ‘Powerpoint-Free Zone’ and teaches a simple methodology that can more fully develop listening skills, and address a lot of potential conflict before it even happens.

The seminar gives all participants several chances to present, and students are asked to have themselves recorded on their own mobile-phones, giving them a private reference on how they improve over the day and development areas.

Specific topics include:

Warm up exercise

1st Listening Exercise


Theory 2nd Listening Exercise

Listening Theory

Bad Habits & Cures

Introduction to Active Listening

The Active Listening Methodology

3rd Exercise - Active Listening Practice

Ten Commandments of Active Listening

This module is ideally paired with the Questioning Skills module, as the two are complementary skill areas.