Questioning Skills


Someone once said that outside of a physical assault, a question is probably the most aggressive thing you can do to another human being. If you’ve ever been in a business meeting where someone is being relentlessly questioned, you know how uncomfortable that can be.

Yet questions are a vital part of business, because they’re one of the best ways of getting information needed to arrive at an optimal solution to any type of business issue or opportunity.

This 2 to 2.5-hour interactive seminar is a ‘Powerpoint-Free Zone’ and teaches a simple methodology allows people to ask questions in a way that doesn’t put others on the defensive, or even get them completely offside.

Specific topics include:

Warm up exercise

Question Introduction

Open & Closed Questions

Exercise One – Questions in a business context

Exercise Two

Introduction to Socratic Methodology

Exercise Three

Why & How questions Supported Questioning Method

Exercise Four

Non-Verbal Language Introduction

Exercise Six - Non-Verbal Practice

10 Commandments of Questions

Conclusion & Wrap

This module is ideally paired with the Listening Skills module, as the two are complementary skill areas.