Negotiation Skills


Negotiating in a business context is an activity lots of us dread.

Especially in service industries, it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed, and believe that the cards are stacked against us. Add to that the pressure from our own management to ‘get a good deal', and we’re often in a profoundly uncomfortable situation.

This one-day seminar is a simple introduction to a range of theories, techniques and tools designed to help you cut win/win deals without losing your shirt - or your mind.

Specific topics include:

Win/Win Theory​

Preparing to negotiate
Gathering facts
History and assumptions

How to create additional value for both parties
Distinguishing interests from positions or needs from wants
Inventing without committing
Use of options

Distributing value/bargaining
Opening statements
Trading and conditional offers
Agreeing what is agreed

Techniques to overcome objections
The workshop has been delivered to rave reviews in a wide variety of markets including Singapore, Malaysia, India, Japan, China and the UK.  The seminar brings close to 30 years of experience negotiating agreements with Fortune 500 companies to bear, and uses a combination of teaching along with involving - and fun - interactive techniques and role-plays to deliver the learning.