Presentation Skills


Speaking in public or teaching to a group of any size is something most professionals find stressful. Whether their audience is five or 500, people are often worried about what they’ll say, how they’ll remember, what they’ll do with their hands, how to handle butterflies, etc.  

This one-day seminar is a quick introduction to a range of techniques designed to make you more comfortable in organising and delivering both prepared and impromptu presentations, using a variety of tools and techniques developed over more than 30 years of experience, and from some of the world’s top practitioners.

The workshop has been delivered to rave reviews in a wide variety of markets including Australia, Canada, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, and The Philippines and for a range of industry categories including FMCG, Financial Services, Technology, Telecom, Hospitality, Tobacco, Energy and others.

The seminar gives all participants several chances to present, and students are asked to have themselves recorded on their own mobile-phones, giving them a private reference on how they improve over the day and development areas.

Specific topics include:

Audience connection
Sight exercises
Sound exercises
Listener analysis & questions
Organising skills for impromptu presentations

Organising skills for full presentations:
Outlines for Direct & Indirect Presentations

Why move
Establishing presenter to audience relationships
Gestures & exercises

Presentation visual aids
Why use them
Types of aids
Audience interaction
Avoiding common mistakes with visual aids

Practical Application