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We make teams more effective.

Ankaris SG is a Singapore-based consultancy that uses a combination of troubleshooting and teaching to facilitate solving structural, relationship and skills issues that keep teams from performing at their best.

Who we’ve worked with

Four Ds.
That's how we work.

Solving structural, relationship and skills issues involves application of any or all of our 4D modules.

Modules can either be engaged sequentially or completely separately—many clients choose to start with Delivery in specific training needs they have already identified.

To do this, we use what we call the "4Ds".


Deep dive interviews with employees, contractors or vendors as required help us understand the issues.  

More importantly they usually send the signal that people are being listened to - which most teams find cathartic


Marrying interpretation of the qualitative input (what people mean as much as what they say) to some simple financial analyses determines what’s actually going on.

This helps tightly define the issues.


Once we know what's going on we can recommend programs that work toward resolving the issues.

This may involve any or all of:  structural changes, personnel shifts or soft skills training and mentoring.


Recommendations are meaningless until they're implemented and have a real effect on the business.

Ankaris SG is able to deliver recommended solutions when they involve soft-skills training or workshop facilitation; and works with partners when there are other issues that require addressing.

Try us out.

Here's a Presentation Skills mini-course in the form of an interactive video. Give it a shot. Trust us, we have a lot more tips and skills ready for you.

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